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Thank you so much for all the work you have done with my daughter, I really feel that you have helped her to see things more clearly, and made a huge difference to her, and I’m so grateful.

Parent of young person age 13

Things feel so much better now, I know I can cope, even when things don't go like I planned. I'm doing alright. I feel happier more now....18 year old male

I feel different about it now. I feel like I can cope. You have helped me to see the things I am doing well. I feel quite proud of myself....Parent

I'm really grateful for your time with my daughter and for everything I've learned personally. I thought it was wonderful the way you had so many craft materials in the room, to provide the perfect distraction and backdrop to conversations.

Parent of primary age child

Michelle has helped me to process my feelings about my past and given me techniques to help me with anxiety and depression. I feel lighter, brighter and more confident. I'm excited about my future. Michelle is warm and compassionate and knowing she was there to listen and offer words of advice and encouragement each week played a huge part in my recovery.


I just wanted to let you know that my son has passed all his GCSE's with flying colours and has now started college doing the course he wanted at level 3. I know he wouldn't be where he is now if it wasn't for you. So I just wanted to say again, thank you so much for all the work you did with him.

Parent of young person, age 16

Thank you so much for helping us with our son. Your input has really given us the confidence to help him and has resulted in a much happier child.

Parent of primary age child

I am so grateful for the positive contribution Michelle has made to my daughter's wellbeing. She went from being anxious about many things to approaching life in a calm and balanced way. Her confidence began to soar and she's now able to fully enjoy herself free from worry and is making new rewarding friendships......

Parent of young person age 15

Our daughter has absolutely  benefited from her time with you, so as parents we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It was an anxious time for us but we felt completely reassured by you and the progress she has made....

Parent of young person age 17

My daughter has really valued the time spent with you and I can  feel a sense of relief coming from her. She says that you make everything make sense. 

Parent of young person age 15

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel lighter; happier...Older adult male

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