Thank you so much for all the work you have done with my daughter, I really feel that you have helped her to see things more clearly, and made a huge difference to her, and I’m so grateful.

Mum of child age 13

Things feel so much better now. I know I can cope, even when things don't go like I planned. I'm doing alright.I feel happier more now. 

18 year old male

I feel different about it now.... I feel like I can cope. You have really helped me to see the things that I am doing well....I feel quite proud of myself really.


I am so grateful for the positive contribution Michelle has made to my daughter's wellbeing. She went from being anxious about many things to approaching life in a calm and balanced way. Her confidence began to soar and she's now able to fully enjoy herself free from worry and is making new rewarding friendships. 

Mum of child age 15

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel lighter.....happier.

Adult male