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My Approach

I am a humanistic person centred counsellor. The quality of the relationship I am able to develop with any client is essential, and it is this that forms the basis of my therapeutic approach. I endeavour to ensure that clients feel in control of the work we do and the direction it takes. This means that I follow the lead of my client and seek to really understand their experience. I aim to create a warm and welcoming space so that children, young people and adults feel safe and can begin to build a relationship of trust with me. I believe that when people feel accepted, valued and understood by a counsellor, they are able to explore difficult issues and can begin to make sense of their experiences and feelings. When this happens, the intensity of difficult feelings may lessen and become more manageable, options of ways forward might begin to emerge, and views or beliefs can change, bringing about a new perspective and a new way of being. 

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