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Michelle Higgins Counselling  

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In person counselling sessions 
Online video counselling with camera on or off
Telephone counselling
Clinical supervision

Therapy Sessions
Children and Young People

I am inspired by young people's resilience and their ability to over-come difficult experiences.

Talking about things is not always easy for children and young people. In face to face sessions I offer a range of creative resources to engage children in activities through

art and play, as a way to begin to open up and to express difficult feelings and experiences. 

Adolescents may be less interested in a playful approach, therefore I have a range of resources and activities suitable for teens that aid discussion. 

I work with children age 5+, adolescents and young adults. 


It is a reality that being a parent or carer can be a challenging, exhausting and lonely experience at times.

 Keeping up with the changes that come with children's  development is tough and it can be hard to make sense of difficult situations and to figure out what to do next.

Many different factors can make family life difficult and it should not be surprising that a parent can find themselves struggling; feeling stressed and unhappy sometimes.


I offer parent counselling sessions where any issues can be explored, but also where issues related to parenting and family life might be a focus. 



Staff in schools are giving out every day. Teachers are under increased pressure to meet targets, to deal with challenging behaviour, to support parents and families, to ensure students achieve academic success, and to look after young people's emotional well-being. The added challenges that have come with managing the impact of coronavirus present even more demands and pressures. 

 Despite the enormous demands placed on teachers, they are not super-human. Teachers are not immune to stress and burnout. 

I offer counselling for teachers, head teachers, support staff and safe-guarding leads. 





 I work with adults with a range of problems that impact day to day life. For example, I work with people who are coming to terms with  bereavement and loss, struggling in difficult relationships, managing addictions, dealing with anger, managing stress and anxiety, finding it hard to relate to others and experiencing loneliness. 

I also work with adults who have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse. 



I offer a warm, collaborative, and non-judgemental approach where supervisees can reflect and explore the many different aspects of their work and professional development. 

 Supervisees can reflect on their successes and the aspects about their work that, perhaps, they are not so confident about, or feel they need to develop. 


I help supervisees to gain insight about their ideas, responses, struggles and challenges in their work, and to consider what is working well and sharing their achievements.

I work with supervisees who offer counselling to adults, children and young people. 

I know that doing bold, brave and meaningful work with children and young people is rewarding but challenging in different ways to working with adults.

If you are a counsellor working with children and young people, I would love to support you in your work.

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